Digital title, access control, secure grids, M2M, physical supply chains:
ENT guarantees identity, security, control & ownership for any complex system -
powered by crypto-contracts, enforced by every entity relationship.

No stack, no blockchain. Just your system - evolved.

Welcome to the Enternet.

Crypto-Identity. Security. Privacy. Control.
True Digital Ownership.

ENT's unprecedented autonomic relational crypto-contract platform
not only makes these essentials features possible - it makes them simple and easy.

ENT utilizes Relational Key Infrastructure (RKI), our next-generation crypto architecture, to reduce the cost of full-featured identity creation and ownership to practically zero. ENT's platform automates and enforces relational crypto-contracts between any entity or group - people, organizations, devices, data, files, software.

ENT simplifies and accelerates deployment of digital title, component pedigree and anti-counterfeiting, logins and access control, M2M, Internet of Things (IoT) components, secure grids, medical records, trusted computing, physical supply chain logistics, and many other important and foundational systems.

Industrial Internet Consortium

Welcome, IIC Members!

Join us for a special presentation at the
IIC Quarterly Meeting in Boston, MA!

Learn more about ENT's exponential system security & resilience, and how you can apply it in your use context.

THU, JUNE 19 ~ 2PM
The Lowell Room, Mezzanine Level
Omni Parker House Hotel, Boston, MA

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We are currently limiting public information about the ENT platform, but comprehensive information on its capabilities and applications is available for select enterprise partners.

Please use the contact form below, or call 1.844.VERINYM, to receive technology overview documentation and schedule a presentation with consortium staff.